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Our Mission

Our mission is simple- to make films that not only stir the imagination, but films that will wake your brain up and get you thinking. It doesn’t matter if we make a 5 minute film, a feature, or a series; we always want to keep spice in our art, and we want to take ALL of the film cliches out of our projects. One of our motto’s is, “together we will reach the world.” We aren’t here to bow down to the corporate puppet masters, we aren’t going to be told what “they” think society wants to see on the silver screen; we will put out films that tingle with thought provoking material.

Glenn Spillman

Producer, Director, Co-Screenwriter, Actor


Glenn is a published author of 2 books, film maker and a photographer/Journalist. He has a degree in health and sports science/Bible and Ministry and is a licensed minister. He has worked in Houston covering the Houston Rockets, and covered Super Bowl XXXVIII. He also covered the AAA Texas Rangers Affiliate Round Rock Express for 5 years. He has traveled the world capturing memories for people and has covered sporting events for several publications. He currently holds press credentials with American International News Service and Full Spectrum Media. He has been in the film business since he was 10 years old, his first role he tried out for was Alfalfa. He has been an extra in over a dozen movies and commercials. He also was in 2 commercials that were in the running for the Super Bowl.

He is also a father of a 15 year old girl, and a 7 year old boy. Glenn is also an avid philanthropist and believes in helping many different charities and to spread the awareness in helping others in need.


Shaun Taylor - Rest In Piece

Shaun Taylor

Co-screenwriter / Executive Producer / Production Designer



Shaun Taylor is a San Francisco born writer and actor who has been published numerous times in magazines and journals for over 20 years. He began acting at the age of 14. With minor roles in films and commercials throughout the 1980’s, as well as numerous stage productions in the 90’s

After 17 years working in Health and Safety and Emergency Response/Disaster Preparedness management for major corporations throughout California, he took his passion for writing and film-making and started working on numerous film projects, currently working with CELLAR13 Films.

Shaun has a background as a member and field investigator for MUFON, was an EMT for many years and has a deep passion for writing novels and screenplays; creating intricate worlds in the realm of the paranormal, fantasy and horror.

Shaun has recently worked on The Stand Up, and worked as Production Assistant on Hush Little Baby, an Executive Producer on A Raven’s Cry and continuing with numerous upcoming projects as a screenwriter and producer with Cellar13 Films.


Steve Martinez

Director of Photography / Editor / Graphic Design / Web Development



Photographer and Designer Steve Martinez has been creating impactful marketing and editorial materials for more than ten years. His professional style is enhanced by a wonderfully modern creative flare. His background in web design, motion graphics, commercial, portrait and wedding photography equip him to be a very well rounded designer. Steve is equipped to tackle some of the toughest challenges faced by a designer in this ever growing and evolving digital world.

Steve is currently working towards his BFA in Web Design New Media at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. He lives in the historic town of Placerville, CA. about twenty miles outside Sacramento with his wife and two children.



The Rest of the Team Bringing You A Raven's Cry

Christina McManus

1st Assistant Director

Michael Robinson

Executive Producer / Script Supervisor / Continuity / Gaffer

Donovan Murphy

Sound / Post Sound / Foley

Dan Acosta

Makeup/ Special Effects

Courtney Finley

Hair / Makeup/ Special Effects / Key

Riley Snowder

Camera B / Cinematography Intern

Abby Menzel

Production Assistant

Sammer Abu AlRagheb

Gaffer / Grip

Jason Decker

Script Supervisor / Prop Master

Quentin Harris

Production Assistant / Slate

Andy Anthony

Production Assistant

Raymond Robles

Boom Operator / Sound Intern

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About A Raven's Cry

A Raven’s Cry is the prequel to Hush Little Baby. The film takes place a year prior to HLB and the O’Malley family, Paul, Becky and Paul Jr. are the picture of the all American family. Becky just finished medical school and she has just started doing her internship at Pine Ridge hospital. They live with Paul’s grandmother because they are trying to save up money to buy their own drum home. The neighborhood that they live in looks completely normal from the outside. New houses, a park, people out jogging in the street, ladies out trimming back flower beds, and husbands doing yard work.

But, what seems completely normal, just may be a facade for something much more sinister lurking behind closed doors. For instance, Paul’s neighbor Sebastian Boudreaux receives a mysterious package, wrapped in a beautiful box, but what’s really inside? The ladies that meet every Wednesday evening for tea and bunko….what are they really doing? A secret society has interwoven themselves in a “normal” community, and soon that neighborhood will be awaken with the screams of horror

What we are trying to do

We are in our second installment of our 8 film sort series. We are using this series to help high school and college students get hands on film experience on a real film set. We feel that on the job training is an invaluable experience, and will help these film students both behind and in front of the camera. Our goal is to get this series onto the Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon platforms as well as getting them on the film festival circuits.


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Where To Find Cellar 13 Films

We can be found at festivals around the world

Some of the many festivals from around the world that Cellar 13 Films Shorts have been viewed in and awards we have won.

Cellar 13 Films In Their Words

Cellar 13 films are very professional , efficient and produce amazing work and it was an awesome learning experience for me as a newcomer to the film industry.

David Massil - Actor

It was an amazingly energetic experience

Micheal Robinson - Executive Producer, Actor

As an actress, I found working with Cellar 13 Films to be very pleasant and professional, with excellent script writing and quality footage and sound.

Bunny Stewart - Actress

Working with Cellar 13 was an exhilarating adventure I hope to go on again and again

Tabitha Jackier Ward - Actress

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