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Our Mission

Our mission is simple- to make films that not only stir the imagination, but films that will wake your brain up and get you thinking. It doesn’t matter if we make a 5 minute film, a feature, or a series; we always want to keep spice in our art, and we want to take ALL of the film cliches out of our projects. One of our motto’s is, “together we will reach the world.” We aren’t here to bow down to the corporate puppet masters, we aren’t going to be told what “they” think society wants to see on the silver screen; we will put out films that tingle with thought provoking material.

Christena McManus

Director / Screenwriter



Christena McManus is a talented new director and writer.  Christena has her Bachelor degree and is going to the Academy Of Arts University in San Francisco  for her MFA in Film and Television.  She has been part of numerous local productions and has worked many key positions.   Recently she retired after 20 years of military service and is excited to pursue her passion of making movies.  Her experiences have made her and asset on set and flexible team player.


Glenn Spillman

Assistant Director, Producer, Actor


Glenn is a published author of 2 books, film maker and a photographer/Journalist. He has a degree in health and sports science/Bible and Ministry and is a licensed minister. He has worked in Houston covering the Houston Rockets, and covered Super Bowl XXXVIII. He also covered the AAA Texas Rangers Affiliate Round Rock Express for 5 years. He has traveled the world capturing memories for people and has covered sporting events for several publications. He currently holds press credentials with American International News Service and Full Spectrum Media. He has been in the film business since he was 10 years old, his first role he tried out for was Alfalfa. He has been an extra in over a dozen movies and commercials. He also was in 2 commercials that were in the running for the Super Bowl.

He is also a father of a 15 year old girl, and a 7 year old boy. Glenn is also an avid philanthropist and believes in helping many different charities and to spread the awareness in helping others in need.



The Incredible Cast Bringing You Skin Deep

LeslieAnn Dameron


Ryan Campbell


Ailyson Finn


Tina Carr Borra

Nurse (Name TBD)

D Brad StCyr

Doctor (Name TBD)

Tony Lopez

Thug #1

Steve Urbano

Thug #2

Jarod Wiggins


Keith Casey


Bunny Stewart

Mob Boss Girlfriend #1

Dennis Gaxiola

Mob Crew #1

Josh Manzer

Poker Player #1

Tyler McDanniel

Poker Player #2








The Rest of the Team Bringing You Skin Deep

Elizabeth Whittenbury

Prop Master


Executive Producer / Script Supervisor / Continuity


Sound / Post Sound / Foley


Makeup/ Special Effects

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About Skin Deep

Skin Deep is a thriller set in the 1940’s about a young couple in love.  Henry loved to gamble and Mia loved her beauty which was already a strain on their relationship, but when a tragic accident happens it will really test the depth of their love.  After years of trying to make things work Henry decides to move on.  Mia now living in an institution wants to rekindle their relationship but after finding out some heartbreaking information; she ends up going on a journey of jealous vengeance instead.


  • My name is Glenn Spillman, and I am partnering up with New Film Director Christena McManus. We are bringing paid jobs to the Sacramento area, and will be bringing you a compelling period piece film.
  • Christena’s favorite film period is the 1940’s. She talks about the romanticism that filled the air at that time. The style of the clothing, the exquisite cars, they way that people treated each other, and the rich history. In this film, Christena want’s to bring back the 1940’s and introduce it to modern day. Even though there are challenges in doing a period piece, Christena is definitely up for the challenge.
  • Whith contributors like yourself, you will be the catalyst that will spark the serious independent film industry back in Sacramento. No mater what the size of contribution, it creates an opportunity to make this film come closer to fruition.
What we are trying to do

What We Need & What You Get

We are putting actors and crew back into payed work!

  • We are seeking $20,000 so that we can make the best and most realistic film that we can. To do that, we need to get authentic props, pay actors, crew, and secure locations. We also need to get permits and insurance. We are 100% transparent, and keep receipts for all purchases so that we can show people that we actually use the funding for what it’s intended for.
  • We are going to have several different types of perks for our contributors. There will be some signed original 1940’s film memorabilia. Nice bottles of wine exclusive for this film, and hand etched. Also, we will have custom t-shirts, SWAG, and tickets to the red carpet gala.
  • Once we reach our entire goal, we will secure all of the talent that we have already on hold. We will secure our effective but powerful skeleton crew. We will be buying all of the props that we have priced out and already have a list for. We will also be getting the finished product pressed into BlueRays and will be distributing it worldwide and also will be submitting it to film festivals around the globe.

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Cellar 13 Films In Their Words

Cellar 13 films are very professional , efficient and produce amazing work and it was an awesome learning experience for me as a newcomer to the film industry.

David Massil - Actor

It was an amazingly energetic experience

Micheal Robinson - Executive Producer, Actor

As an actress, I found working with Cellar 13 Films to be very pleasant and professional, with excellent script writing and quality footage and sound.

Bunny Stewart - Actress

Working with Cellar 13 was an exhilarating adventure I hope to go on again and again

Tabitha Jackier Ward - Actress

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