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First Name - Charlie
Last Name - Caldwell III
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I’m Charlie Caldwell III, LA actor of the Landrum Arts agency. I have been acting since the 1st grade, starting out as a little gator in a “Gators and Tigers” 🐅 🐯 stage play at an elementary school. In 2008, I appeared as an extra, originally a featured extra called RedFro, in the Hollywood film “Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins Jenkins.” In 2014, while portraying Reverend Sykes in “To Kill a Mockingbird” play, Ms. Dawn Landrum saw the performance and accepted me into the Landrum Arts agency. In 2015, I was in an LA Film Prize top 20 short-film called “Freedom Of Knowledge” directed by Jevon Miller. I portrayed a character named Langston. In 2016, I was a singing 🎤 tribesman in a Top 5 LA Film Prize short-film called “Native” directed by Travis Champagne. In 2017, I was a featured Zombie 🧟‍♂️, channeling the inner Kung Fu 🥋 StarLord, in a film called “Separated.” Every year, I do my best to take the movie roles a step further into the professional arena. I’m very thankful for every opportunity granted, and one of these days the right role will be presented and it shall go well.

Jesus Bless America!