John Logsdon



Cost - Free
First Name - John
Last Name - Logsdon
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Phone - 530-277-3663
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John Logsdon enjoys acting in TV commercials and has been in several print commercials. John also acts in feature length movies (Lead role in Mendocino, Supporting roles in Streets, Where Sleeping Dogs Lie and The Bend) and industrial videos. After several decades in clinical medicine and surgery, John’s retirement job is as an actor. John has been trained in improvisation, acting and voice acting. John was a member of the Thistle Dew Theatre Players where he performed in internet-based radio plays and monologues and live, full-length radio plays.

Height: 5’10”
Weight: 184 lbs.
Hair: Grey
Eyes: Hazel


Notorious Nick Featured Extra Aaron Leong
Streets Supporting John Wagner
Mendocino Lead John Wagner
The Bend Supporting Ricky Borba
Underneath The Lies, Lays The Truth Supporting Lyn Laverne
Where Sleeping Dogs Lie Supporting Josh Pierson
Rabid Christmas Supporting Matthew Silver


Intruder in the Hayloft Santa Thistle Dew Theatre
Theory of Silence Detective Thistle Dew Theatre
Superhero Saves the Day Superhero Thistle Dew Theatre
Superhero Writers Lonnie/David Thistle Dew Theatre
All Along the Western Seaboard Duck Man Thistle Dew Theatre
Are We Making Our Point Superman Thistle Dew Theatre
The Legend of Little Lump Government Agent Thistle Dew Theatre
The Collector of Rump Roast Recipes The Collector / Butler Thistle Dew Theatre
Opportunity of a Lifetime Cook (Lawyer) Thistle Dew Theatre
The Last Resort Trailer Park Hank (Sheriff) Thistle Dew Theatre
A Person of Interest Arthur (Homeland Security Agent) Thistle Dew Theatre
A Shot in the Dark Guard Theatre in the Heights

Voice over

Recording For the Blind Volunteer Reader Recording For the Blind
Throwing Diamonds to the Birds Theater Manager Thomas Kelly
Frankie & Johnny Were Sweethearts Narrator Thomas Kelly
Ole Gimlet Eye Major General Smedley Butler (Monologue) Thomas Kelly


Conflicts upon request


Improvisation – Charlie Holliday
Alpha Cold-Reading Technique – Charlie Holliday
Commercial Voiceovers – Cammie Winston
Pro Audition VO Workshop – Ray Nakamoto
Voiceover Class – Sierra Community College
Mosaic Acting Academy – Charlie Holliday
Fundamentals of Acting – Rick Gott
Auditioning for Commercials – Charlie Holliday
Auditions & Cold Reading – Charlie Holliday
Acting for the Camera – Rick Gott
Acting for Commercials – Rick Gott
Teleprompters – Sally Forcier

Special Skills

Scuba diver (NAUI & PADI Certified), Underwater Photographer, Public Speaking, Gourmet Cooking, Teleprompter,
Current U.S. Passport, 1st Assistant in Open Heart Surgery, Managed Hospital Departments, Voice actor, Computer literate,
Standardized Patient