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Our movie “The Choice” has been a fun film to shoot form the get go. This is the film that we did for the Sacramento Film and Music Festival 10×10 competition in September 2017. We had ten days to write, cast, film, and edit a eight minute or less film. There is a bit more of a twist here though. There were some MANDATORY elements that needed to be injected into the film itself.
Here they are:

  1. Coming of age story
  2. Had to use a line from a past coming of age movie
  3. Had to use a character description form a children’s coming of age book or movie.
  4. Had to use a specific prop, which was a fidget spinner.
  5. Had to use a specific line of dialogue.

Throw all of that into the mix, and you have yourself a challenge. When I first was talking to the writer about the subject matter, I immediately knew who I wanted to be the star of the film. However, I had to run it by his mother first, because of some of the subject matter and certain elements of the film. After I cast him, the rest of the cast was easy to get. When I first put up the call for actors needed, I had a plethora of responses. There were about nine twelve actors in all to use in such a short film, it was a challenge to get everyone a line, and for it all to make sense. Well, that’s where good writing comes into play, and the willingness of the actors to come out to a shoot, just to deliver one line. Each one of those lines in the film was essential to tell the story, and all of the actors were fabulous. Once we got all of the locations set, and the actors in place, it only took us a day and a half to shoot the entire film. This film has had success since it’s inception. We won audience favorite at the festival, and I just got word this morning that the film has been selected to be in the Piotr Film Festival in Paris France. The festival will be playing from May 18th-20th. I was excited to see so many people come out the the Sacramento 10×10 to support us and this film. People came all the way from Southern California to see “The Choice.”

We are so excited that this film was picked for this festival, and we are eager to see what heights that ‘The Choice” will soar.

Glenn Spillman
Glenn Spillman

Glenn is a published author of 2 books, film maker and a photographer/Journalist. He has a degree in health and sports science/Bible and Ministry and is a licensed minister. He has worked in Houston covering the Houston Rockets, and covered Super Bowl XXXVIII. He also covered the AAA Texas Rangers Affiliate Round Rock Express for 5 years. He has traveled the world capturing memories for people and has covered sporting events for several publications. He currently holds press credentials with American International News Service and Full Spectrum Media. He has been in the film business since he was 10 years old, his first role he tried out for was Alfalfa. He has been an extra in over a dozen movies and commercials. He also was in 2 commercials that were in the running for the Super Bowl. He is also a father of a 15 year old girl, and a 7 year old boy. Glenn is also an avid philanthropist and believes in helping many different charities and to spread the awareness in helping others in need.

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