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The Nether At The Capital Stage

There are over a dozen live theaters in the Sacramento and surrounding area’s. Some of them are are big and glamorous, some medium, and quite a few small and intimate theatre’s. Which ever one that you prefer to go to, it’s important to just show up. It is VERY important to support local theatre, not just for the artists themselves, but also for the realm of the art.

You can go to a show and spend anywhere from $15.00 to $100.00, depending on the show, and also the venue. No matter what your budget level is, there is always a show out there for you to attend. For the price os just four Starbucks, you could be sitting in a quaint little theatre watching some great shows. There are ALWAYS show’s going on, so what ever your time schedule, you can definitely fit in a show. These actors work tirelessly to prepare for the performance. They spend at least two months reading, practicing, and memorizing lines. Then comes the direction, blocking, and getting ready for the opening night. These actors, some of them have a regular 9-5 job, then go from the job and straight to rehearsal, and they do this five days a week. So, when the show is finally set into motion, that’s where you, the audience comes into play. It is YOUR job to fill the seats and support local theatre. Your showing up not only helps pay for the production, but it also helps keep the doors of the theatre open.

Practicing What I Preach

I practice what I preach, and I try to go to at least one show a month. The last show that I went to was at Capital Stage, located in downtown Sacramento. January 24th, I had the pleasure of seeing The Nether, a play by Jennifer Haley and directed by Kirk Blackkinton. This play will definitely catch your attention with its subject matter. You will dive into the imaginary world of The Nether, where the characters can leave the “real” world, for a world that in completely computer generated so that they can indulge into what ever debouched lifestyle they choose. If you are a child molester, and you want to fulfill your need, but don’t want to break the law in your own world, then you can step across this threshold and satiate your desires. Anything that is taboo within the real world is completely acceptable within the realm of The Nether.

This play will have you run through a gamete of emotions, but in the end, you will be thinking about the possibilities of what you just saw. You just might ask yourself, “if this “Nether” really existed, would is be accepted as preventative therapy, or just an avenue for the sick and twisted to continue doing what they do?” Some viewers might be off put by the character of Sims/Papa, while others might just empathize with him. I honestly enjoyed the play very much, and enjoyed the art form that was displayed. Capital Stage is one of those intimate theatre’s, and no matter what seat that you are in, you are close to all of the action. I do recommend that you go see this play, where ever you may live, check out the local theatre’s and see when this work of futuristic art will be coming.

Lastly…if you can only afford a few shows a year, then look through the calendars of all of the theatre’s and see which shows intrigue you. Get your tickets early though, because a lot of these shows sell out quick.

Glenn Spillman
Glenn Spillman

Glenn is a published author of 2 books, film maker and a photographer/Journalist. He has a degree in health and sports science/Bible and Ministry and is a licensed minister. He has worked in Houston covering the Houston Rockets, and covered Super Bowl XXXVIII. He also covered the AAA Texas Rangers Affiliate Round Rock Express for 5 years. He has traveled the world capturing memories for people and has covered sporting events for several publications. He currently holds press credentials with American International News Service and Full Spectrum Media. He has been in the film business since he was 10 years old, his first role he tried out for was Alfalfa. He has been an extra in over a dozen movies and commercials. He also was in 2 commercials that were in the running for the Super Bowl. He is also a father of a 15 year old girl, and a 7 year old boy. Glenn is also an avid philanthropist and believes in helping many different charities and to spread the awareness in helping others in need.

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